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Shisha Time

Tahir and his friends drop in on a neighbourhood BBQ. What happened next surprised everyone…

‘Did you know that smoking shisha may not only damage your health but also the health of your family?’

Around the BBQ
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Friends of ShishaNoThanks
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Find out more about the harms of smoking shisha.

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Useful websites about shisha smoking from across the country and the world.

Online Toolkit

Where can I find more information
and get help?

Water in the shisha filters out the harmful ingredients



Questions regarding the laws and health risks associated with smoking shisha.

Is shisha the same as hubbly bubbly and hookah?

Yes, shisha is also known as argileh, nargileh, hubbly bubbly, hookah and tobamel.

Does shisha tobacco contain nicotine?

Yes, shisha tobacco contains nicotine which is an addictive drug.

Is tobacco-free or herbal shisha healthier than regular shisha?

No, tobacco-free or herbal shisha products are not healthy options. The smoke from the burning wood or charcoal includes carbon monoxide and other cancer causing chemicals.

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